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Whether you’re a partier or shy enough to stay in the car at your own reception, I create videos custom fit to YOU, your needs, and your vibe. If you want hands on, I’ve got you! If you want me to disappear into the background and still capture the moments that mean the most to you, consider me your wallpaper with a lens. From Harry Potter weddings to intimate elopements, this is your home for classically romantic and documentary-style videos created to perfectly reflect you and your love!

So you've done it, you've found your person! The big wedding plans aren't vibing with you, so you've thrown out the 150-person seating chart and are planning your intimate wedding or adventure elopement! Whether you want to be alone with your sweetie and a couple of witnesses, or you're bringing your 20 closest family members along for your intimate day, whether you're planning a small destination wedding or staying close to home,  I'm here to capture it in the most authentic way possible!

I'm a big believer that this world deserves to be explored in every possible way. Whether that's through destination wedding videography or through exploring a subject in my own backyard, I feel like it's a gift. For a look into all of my work pre-wedding videography days, or if you're looking to capture a little something special outside of the wedding world and you need a creative girl with a camera to help out, pop some popcorn and flip through these videos for a little fun and creative inspiration! ^^ 

If you love your business and like my style, let's make you a kick-ass promo video to showcase it! I love working with people who do what they love and love what they do! Whether you're showing off your charitable contributions, selling your art, or promoting your small brick and mortar storefront, I'll ask you all the questions to figure out what sets your business apart. I'll do all the planning and find exactly what it is you want to showcase in your video. This is my passion, to show off yours!

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