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Elopement Films Tailored to Your Adventure

Love Notes

With only a few short weeks from our intimate wedding day left, we were so fortunate to have found Elizabeth. She was so kind and easy work with. The highlight reel she created for us allowed friends and family that could not attend truly feel as if they were there. She captured the most meaningful and intimate moments we will cherish forever. Thank you so much for being such an integral part of our special day!

~ Saba & Kaj

Holding hands.
Art of a bouquet of flowers.

It's Your Turn to Elope!

So you did it - you've found the love of your life! You've got the guy or gal, the love, and the smiles to last a lifetime. But that big wedding planning isn't quite your jam. Now what?

If you're thinking Little White Chapel on the Strip, that's one option, but an elopement can be whatever you want it to be, and that's the entire point! You want a few close friends with you? Great! You want your 15 closest family members surrounding you? That's still an elopement! You want to escape into the woods with just you and your sweetie? My friend, you are in the right place. Now let's start brainstorming your dream day!

Reasons to Elope

It gives you more time on the day of your wedding to actually be with your sweetie


"I choose you forever"

Chandlor and Keaton traveled nearly 1000 miles to elope with just their officiant and witnesses on Ruby Beach, one of the most beautiful havens on the upper Olympic peninsula. With no stress, no large party, and no traditions beyond what they wanted to do, we played in the woods, flolicked  on the beach, and celebrated their love all through one of the most beautiful days Washington can ever give.

A creek.

"From Now Until Forever"

How many people have the chance to get married at a treehouse? Buried in the woods of Washington, less than an hour from the city, there's a beautiful little haven that Stephanie and Jeff found for their private vows and intimate wedding ceremony.  Alone in the trees, they danced together and declared their enduring love for one another with the river rushing beside them. They really were the dreamiest woodland fairy couple to ever explore the forest.

A creek.

"One of the Most Beautiful"

Lauren and Jeff didn't want to share their vows just anywhere, so they traveled across the country to elope in one of the most beautiful places in the western United States: Grand Teton National Park. From the wandering buffalos to the towering mountains, there couldn't be a better backdrop for a love story. After seven years together, They tied the knot on Jackson Lake, combining their lives together as one.

A creek.

"In Every Step That You Take"

Taylor and Grayson were, as the officiant put it, "Not only a new couple, but a new family." Taylor's two small daughters were the sweetest part of this intimate ceremony, and there wasn't a dry eye in their small circle of loved ones as Grayson read vows to his new daughters as well as to his bride. Traveling all the way from Alaska to elope with their immediate families only in Washington, these two really had the perfect intimate day in the summer sun.

A creek.

"One Life, One Time Encounter"

One of my older videos: a small cabin elopement on Whidbey Island! Saba and Kaj met in one of the most unlikely places for both of them - at a football party. Set up by his aunt, Kaj had absolutely no intention of falling in love, especially not at a party for a sport he knew nothing about. What surprised him the most was who his aunt was setting him up with. He stumbled on Saba by accident, and the next thing he knew, he realized his aunt was right - Saba was incredible.

A creek.
Artwork of a beach.

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