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Hey there, I'm Elizabeth!

I can't tell you how excited I am to have you here! It's my favorite thing in the world to meet new people who want to capture a little something special in their lives. ^^ I want to hear all about YOU, YOUR love, and YOUR story. <3

So we're not strangers, let me introduce myself real quick! I'm a Seattle-based videographer and photographer with a passion for true and vibrant love stories. I fell in love with filmmaking when I was an eleven-year-old kid, bribing my friends with Halloween candy to star in my music videos and mystery movies. I haven't set my camera down since, winding up on my first independent film set as a camera assistant at thirteen and at a filmmaking studio for teenagers at sixteen. I shot my first wedding that same year but called it a dream gig and stuck to other forms of filmmaking for the time. I lapped up everything I could from my studio and university, taking on my first paid commercial projects in 2014 and working as a freelance commercial, documentary, and television filmmaker on the side of college, travel, and my first years following until I embraced my secret love for weddings and more personal photoshoots. That led to me realizing my goal of going full time as a videographer and photographer in 2021. If you're looking for someone with the background, experience, and passion to capture the real you and the ones that matter most to you in their most authentic light, you're in the right place!

Why Weddings & Photoshoots?

I saw my first wedding film as a teenager and I'll never forget the way it took my breath away. The romance and the hope in it seemed to outweigh everything I knew about our twenty-first century divorce rate, our heartbreaks, and all of the despair that our modern world tries to throw at us. I'd been raised on Jane Austen, stories of medieval romance, and love that conquers all. As cheesy as it sounds, I still believe there is nothing more miraculous in the world than true love. For me, capturing that on camera is a life passion that I can hardly describe. I aim to take that love for authenticity into every area of my work, be it filmmaking or photography, weddings or family sessions.

Waterfalls in Iceland.

She was very personable, and such a sweet person! I could tell she was passionate about her work and wanted the best possible results for me. I seriously could not recommend her enough!

~ Morgan R.



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9+ Years

Professional Videography



14+ Years

Camera in Hand

My Theory

I spent years in documentary filmmaking and learned through the process that stories tell themselves — it’s my job to impose myself on that story as little as possible. Especially in weddings, it's my intention to be a fly on the wall and capture your love as it is without my own agenda. I will prompt you and help with poses for the best shots, but I will never let that overstep your personality and your connection to your loved ones on camera. Your love is yours. Your films and photos should be as well.

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Do you travel?

Absolutely, I do! Choose your special location and I'll meet you there for the cost of budget travel only! ^^

A map of the United States
A map of Europe.

*Places I've visited so far, but not the limits of where I'd go to capture your story! ^^

Fun Facts

I've traveled solo to 20 countries

Now let's hear yours! ^^

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