In Search of the Raw & Beautiful


As an artist in the 21st century, I am overwhelmed by all that we cannot trust. The landscapes are edited, the portraits are airbrushed, and the legitimacy of what we see on social media is anyone's guess. Whether I am capturing your wedding day, filming the fine details of your business, or photographing you with your loved ones, I am constantly searching for beauty that is natural, raw, and real. That beautiful realism is more than a living to me -- it is my art and my passion. I would love to meet you and to capture what matters most to you in its best light!


I am a Seattle-based videographer and photographer. I've had a camera in my hands since I was a kid, bribing my friends with leftover Halloween candy to star in my mystery movies. From there, I started studying filmmaking as a teenager, working as a cinematographer, set designer, director and editor for short fiction and documentary films. In college, I spent all of my free time working as a documentary and commercial filmmaker on the side, and graduated university with a degree in film theory and production. I've always had a love for classic films and romantic lighting, and over the years my goal has become to capture the real moments in the most beautiful ways. Now, I spend the vast majority of my time filming and photographing weddings, elopements, engagements, couples and families. I've been so grateful to do this work full time since 2021 and to start capturing weddings out of state in 2022! My goal is to take my business across the USA and into international waters. Whether you're wandering in the woods of Washington with your loved ones, exploring the canyons of Arizona with the love of your life, or eloping in the hills of West Virginia, I would love to meet you and capture the moments that mean the most to you.