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Timeless Romance
in Documentary Films

Your Personal Love Story

When the cake is cut and your friends fly home, there is no better way to relive the day than through videography.


The reasons you chose each other and the love of your favorite people will surround you again every time you revisit your film.

I specialize in deeply romantic and sentimental documentary-style wedding videos, each capturing the heart of your wedding day and you as a couple.

Every film I make tells a unique love story - yours.

Love Stories

Authentic Love

My documentary storytelling approach gives you and your person the space to be authentic and unguarded on your wedding day, so that you can see your true selves and remember why you fell in love each time you watch your film.

Seraphim & Jesse

Seattle, Washington

Sera and Jesse reached out to me for an "unconventional wedding day" -- an exploration around Seattle's top sites, a ferry ride to West Seattle, and an evening celebration at Salty's on Alki. From the shining personalities of their friends, to the glorious colors of Seattle's Pike Place Market, to the bride and groom's passionate love for each other, this day was truly unforgettable.

Stephanie & Jeff

Treehouse Pointe, Washington

Stephanie and Jeff planned their intimate wedding in a magical venue in the woods, surrounded by forests, treehouses, a running river, and their closest loved ones. They danced together through their private vows, explored the woods and laughed through their special day.

Hannah & Harlen

Ruby Beach, Washington

Hannah and Harlen share a love story that goes all the way back to seventh grade, when the desk next to Harlen was empty and Hannah sat down reading a book about dragons. After years apart and years together again, they began the next chapter of their journey with their sweet elopement in one of the most beautiful places on earth: Ruby Beach, Washington.

Dotty & Marco

The Edgewater Hotel, Washington

Dotty and Marco have lead entire lives apart from each other, both with their own children and grandchildren. Now, at almost 60, they have found their soulmates in each other. They shared a dream wedding at the Edgewater Hotel on the Seattle Waterfront, enjoying the most beautiful view of the Puget Sound, the Olympic mountains, and cruise ships passing by. An inspiration to everyone there, their love story is one I will never forget.


Love Notes

Our video couldn’t be any more perfect and Eliza is so kind and professional. If you are looking for a magnificent person and a video to cherish for many years to come book with Eliza now because you will be extremely happy with your decision!!!! Thank you Eliza for capturing our day and documenting it so we have all of our memories forever!!!!

~ Sasha H.

Gillian & Jason

The Club at Snoqualmie Ridge, Washington

During a year abroad in Australia, Jason met Gillian and was so instantly distracted by her that they accidentally dined and dashed on their first date. When an unexpected addition joined their relationship early on, their love and connection deepened beyond measure. From wild adventures around Australia to crazy family trips in the PNW in the years that followed, their last six years has been full of love, challenges, their beautiful daughter, and each other.

Kristin & Brian

Independence, Oregon

From a top secret mission of dinosaurs running down the aisle to surprise the groom, to the adorable vows that made everyone chuckle, these two really had a day worth remembering for all time. Married on the backdrop of Brian's family farm, Brian and Kristin celebrated their love with family, friends, and their adorable son in tow. Wishing them so much happiness in this next chapter of their love story!

Marie & Evan

Golden Gardens Bathhouse, Washington

Marcie has loved Golden Gardens ever since she was a kid, taking her senior photos here and spending countless bonfire nights on the beach with friends and family. With her love at her side, they celebrated their magical day in this same spot, surrounded by the fall colors of the beautiful PNW, soft low light, and their closest friends and family. They asked for a music-only video and we spent hours together choosing the perfect song for their perfect day.

Kiarah & Jacob

Shangi-La, Toquerville, Utah

They've lived together, traveled together, and built a life together. Now their marriage is the crowning jewel. Kiarah and Jacob are married in the beautiful Shangri-La valley in Utah, surrounded by friends and family who could not be happier to see two beautiful people find their soulmates.


Love Notes

When I say I can not recommend her enough, I really can't!  At the wedding she was a fly on the wall! In my opinion that is the perfect videographer. She captured all that made my wedding special. My husband and I both agree, having Elizabeth at the wedding was our best investment for the big day! You can not go wrong with hiring Eliza!

~ Marcie H.

Jenny & Mark

Kingan Gardens, Tucson, Arizona

Home to meet their families in the middle of a desert summer, Jenny and Mark celebrated their long love with friends from all over the country. They've known each other since high school, followed each other around the states, cared for each other far from home, and been there for each other through thick and thin. Their sweet video reflects their sweet day.

Alexandria & Isaac

Brightside Vintage Farms, Washington

Alexandria and Isaac shared one of the sweetest wedding days I have ever seen, their love for each other is so tender. The sunset at the end of the night was the perfect ending to a perfect day, one of those moments where time stands still and life hardly feels real. Wishing these two absolute bliss in the start of their new life together!

Regina & Tyrone

Evergreen Meadows, Washington

When I sent Regina and Tyrone their wedding video, it came with this warning: "It's a bit unconventional." Regina's reply was, "This is so us!!!!!" If the classic wedding film vibe doesn't fit you, your love, and your crew, then let's have a little extra fun! No matter your vibe, I can promise you a video that will reflect YOU and your day in the most authentic way possible. <3

Liz & Timothee

Camp Lane, Oregon

Liz and Tim wanted a "spooky" wedding, from all of their fall decor to candied apples to a coffin ring box. Getting married in a campground, Liz spent the entire day barefoot. After a sweet ceremony performed by the bride's father, the reception was unconventional, just like the couple. You've never seen so many razor scooters zipping around a reception dance floor and basketballs flying through the air over guests heads!

Talia & Michael

McMenamins Anderson School, Washington

Talia and Michael love each other even more than Pokemon Go, and that's saying a lot. In a moody Pacific Northwest venue that will remind you of Hogwarts, they celebrated their Harry-Potter themed wedding surrounded by friends, family, Funko Pops, and magic in all forms. From the music to the opening credits to every shot on their wedding day, I was determined to make their video feel as much like a movie as possible.

Pri & Andretty

Wildwood Lakefront Cottages, Washington

Pri and Andretty spent a year planning their Viking-themed wedding in the style of Pri's ancestors. From their bridal attire to a dip in the freezing waters of a northern Washington winter, this wedding had all of the traditions that research could find. I spent months planning with them to bring it all together in their video, and their enthusiasm was so clear through the entire process.

Artwork of beach and rocks with seagulls and stars overhead.

Now it's your turn.

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