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Love Notes

We are SO happy we found Elizabeth!! Not only was she the nicest human ever but she fit into our day and got along with all of our other vendors so amazingly! Services were super affordable, high quality, and SO quick! We got married 06/18/22 and had our full video on 06/23/22! We would HIGHLY recommend booking Elizabeth! We are absolutely in love with our wedding video and are so happy that Elizabeth captured our most perfect day so we can look back on it forever.

~ Jenny R.

Sand Background.
Wedding videographer photographer skipping on a beach with cameras.

As You Are

As an artist in the 21st century, I am overwhelmed by all that we cannot trust. The landscapes are edited, the portraits are airbrushed, and the legitimacy of what we see on social media is anyone's guess. That's why it's become my passion and life pursuit to capture our most precious things in life - our loves, our families, our unrepeatable moments - in the most true-to-life and timeless way possible. I live for the unguarded moments that take our breath away.


If you want to capture this time in your life in all its perfect authenticity - be it your wedding day, your child's fourth year, your graduation, or anything else that matters deeply to you - it's my job and my joy to capture the soul of these things for you to hold in time forever.


Now, enough with the serious stuff... Let's have some fun together! ^^

My Latest Newlyweds...

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